Heckler & Koch .40 S&W

USP, P2000, P30 Models

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$ 725 - $ 975

Choose from a very large selection of H&K handguns a Company always associated with being first class. They have enjoyed a fine reputation for being quality made with excellent engineering.

Model/# Trigger Pull(SA/DA) Description Price
USP40-V1 Ambi. Mag Release/#704001A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/10RD Mags, 4.25" BBL $ 895
P2000SK-V2 Sub-Compact Law Mod./#704302A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/9RD Mags, 2.5" BBL $ 725
P2000SK-V2 Sub-Compact/#704303A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/9RD Mags, 3.26" BBL $ 725
USP40-V1 Compact SA/DA Safety/#704031A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/12RD Mags, 3.58" BBL $ 925
P30-V1 Law Mod/#734001A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/13RD Mags, 3.68" BBL $ 975
P30-V3 SA/DA Safety/#734003A5 4.5 / 11.47 lbs. 2/13RD Mags, 3.68" BBL $ 975

Heckler & Koch 9mm Models

The P30 recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety. Ergonomic features include a special grip frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates, allowing the pistol to be individually adapted to any user. Ambidextrous controls include dual slide releases and magazine release levers. Variants with a conventional double-action/single action trigger have a serrated decocking button located on the rear of the frame. Variants with HK’s enhanced double action only Law Enforcement Modification* (LEM) trigger have no external decocking controls. Developed especially for a U.S. government agency, the Law Enforcement Modification (or LEM for short), is a unique trigger mechanism created specifically to improve the trigger performance and reduce the weight of the Double-Action Only (DAO) trigger pull on HK pistols.