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If there's one characteristic about our magazines and accessories we vowed never to change, it's the quality that goes into our manufacturing process. This dedication to only turning out superior products for dependable performance has held true since our conception. That's why each and every one of our magazines comes with a lifetime warranty. You are assured of their continuing reliability. As a result, gun enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel have continued to rely on us year after year. In fact, ProMag is one of the leading manufacturers of handgun magazines in the world. What's more, when it comes to selection, we carry magazines to fit most popular models - foreign and domestic.

ProMag Beretta 92F 9mm Magazine Blue (BER01) 10 RD $ 24.95
ProMag Beretta 92F 9mm Magazine Blue (BERA4) 32 RD $ 28.95
ProMag 1911 & Colt GOV'T .45ACP Magazine Blue Steel (COL4) 10 RD $ 24.95
ProMag Colt AR-15 .223 Rem Magazine Black (COLA18) 30 RD $ 14.95
ProMag Ruger MINI-14 .223 Rem Magazine Blued (RUGA3) 30 RD $ 29.95
ProMag SAIGA 12G Magazine Black (SAI01) 5 RD $ 25.95
ProMag SAIGA 12G Drum Magazine Black (SAI05) 10 RD $ 84.95
ProMag SAIGA 12G Drum Magazine Black (SAIA7) 12 RD $ 84.95
ProMag SAIGA 7.62X39 Magazine Black (SAIA1) 20 RD $ 24.95
ProMag Sig Sauer P228 9mm Magazine Blue (SIGA3) 13 RD $ 24.95
ProMag Springfield XD-9 9mm Magazine Blue (SPRA1) 15 RD $ 24.95
ProMag Springfield XD-40 40 S&W Magazine Blue (SPRA2) 11 RD $ 24.95

Made with soft knit fabric, the Nylon Ankle Holster keeps your pistol under wraps while providing comfortable next-to-skin wear.

• Constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon outer material
• Closed-cell foam padding protects pistol from moisture
• Non-stretch retention strap with molded thumb break