About Me

After serving in the Air Force I applied my GI Bill towards a business degree.  I rolled the dice in a very small gaming business and then spent 4 years in the restaurant industry, which was more then enough to motivate me into something I really enjoy.  Firearms sales, which have increased greatly over the last few years, whether you're purchasing for protection, competition, hunting or you're a collector.  Hunting is my passion but what I am most excited about is the Palm Pistol by Constitution Arms.  This is a brand new product that gives a person with disabilities more independence because of the extra security that the Palm Pistol provides. I'm excited for this new venture and even though I'm just getting started, I am very confident I can compete with the best in the industry. I've listed a few goals that you can expect to see guide me in being successful.

  • First and Foremost, Execute Outstanding Service Within the Confines of the Law.
  • Provide Customers with Excellent Products While Building Great Relationships.
  • Offer Knowledge or Training Resources so Customers Have the Confidence to Operate Their Equipment Safely.

My Services

Integrity and Attention to Detail
Ability To Fill High Demand Special Requests
Service and Support
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